Broadsheet Restaurant – Waterloo, Sydney


Broadsheet Restaurant – here for a good time, not a long time!


The thought of a pop-up restaurant makes me quite anxious. I hear about it and I am immediately gripped by a sense of urgency (“I will miss out! My life will be incomplete without this experience!”) – there you go, the marketing is working. Next I’m like, well, do I even need this? Will it even be that good? Do I even have enough money and time to go there?

With the Broadsheet Restaurant in Waterloo (which is open til Dec 4, 2016), there was, however, another impetus to go – DS’s cousin is Winnow Chocolate so we thought we’d better go to support her!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The restaurant is housed in the old Devon on Danks space, a cafe/restaurant I admittedly never got to. It’s got a cool bar/restaurant vibe not dissimilar to Bar Brosé I think. If you’re unclear about what the Broadsheet Restaurant means, it’s basically Broadsheet bringing together some of Sydney’s best dishes from all different restaurants under one roof. This also means that the menu is a bit of a mish-mash…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We started with kind of ‘entrée’ dishes – the Sashimi salad with rice noodles, sesame, soy, ginger and tobiko ($22) from Cho Cho San and my absolute favourite Whipped bottarga pretzel ($15) from 10 William Street. There you have it already – a complete clash of cultures and two dishes you’d never normally have in one meal. If you can overlook this lack of flow in your meal (which we could), it’s actually quite fun to have all these random dishes that you sort of know but have never eaten together. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Our mains were the Tagliolini with basil pesto and stracciatella ($25) from Da Orazio and Slow-cooked pork jowl with celeriac, radicchio and pickled apple ($23) from Dead Ringer. This was cool because we’d both never been to either restaurant (well, I’ve been to Da Orazio for pizza) so we were able to try dishes from those places out! The pork jowl was actually incredible and with Dead Ringer just up the road from our place, we’re definitely going to try it out. I guess that’s another good thing, in that you get a small taste of a restaurant which then makes you want to go there. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The grand finale (and pretty much what we came for, haha!) was the After-dinner-mint chocolate bar ($9) from Winnow Chocolate. You actually get the whole block of chocolate so I would recommend sharing (or not), and for someone who doesn’t really like mint and chocolate, I really enjoyed it! Very subtle and smooth flavours, and the presentation is kind of tongue-in-cheek with the aluminium foil ‘wrapper’.

Should you go to the Broadsheet Restaurant before it closes? Sure, why not! Just go with an open mind, it’s going to be a bit random but hopefully you’ll get to try something new.

Broadsheet Restaurant
Open til December 4
2 Danks Street, Waterloo

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