No. 1 Bent Street – Sydney CBD

1 bent street bread Everyone was a bit sad when Kitchen by Mike closed its doors some months ago – casual dining wouldn’t quite be the same again without that roast pumpkin and pork belly that you could see with your greedy eyes before they plonked a healthy serving on your plate. There was something amazing about Mike McEnearney’s eatery in Rosebery, a very specific combination of cafeteria-style service, an open kitchen where you could see all your food being made, a deli and that massive warehouse space where you could sit wherever you wanted. Luckily for us, Mike hasn’t completely left the Sydney dining scene and recently opened in his new digs, No. 1 Bent Street.

Quick disclaimer about the photos – sorry they’re such bad quality! I forgot my camera but CK kindly allowed me to use hers, but you know how it is, different camera and all…

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