Chefs Gallery Round 2 – Sydney CBD

chinese donuts

Trust Chefs Gallery to come up with some fun, crazy dishes…We were invited back for a second time to try some of their new dishes – click through to see what we ate! (Check out our first time here)

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Chefs Gallery – Sydney CBD

piggy and eggy fairytale

So obviously I knew about Chefs Gallery because it’s been around for ages. And I think I’d been before but don’t quite remember when or how or why, or even what the food was like. All I know is that before Cardinal Spin invited me to go, I had always thought of Chefs Gallery as a lesser cousin of Din Tai Fung where you can get dumplings but they’re better at Din Tai Fung so you might as well go there.

Turns out I was completely wrong!

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Two Sticks – CBD, Sydney

Yunnan Potato Risotto - Diced sausage, diced bacon, potato, carrots, peas, corn, pepper and rice ($12.80)

Yunnan Potato Risotto – Diced sausage, diced bacon, potato, carrots, peas, corn, pepper and rice ($12.80)

In an attempt to save more money, a group of 2 full Asians and 1 full white person headed to Two Sticks for some cheap city eats. I saw ‘full’ because with a bunch of halfies thrown in there, things get complicated… Click through for more.

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New Shanghai – Chatswood, Sydney


Hello and welcome to the new mid-week posts at talk&spoon! Every Tuesday we will be doing what we do best – bringing you a review of a dining experience around Sydney, or around the world!

We kick it off with New Shanghai, the dumpling powerhouse that can be found at various outlets in Sydney and soon to be opening in Melbourne this year as well. talk&spoon was invited to try out some of the new dishes they have on their menu, as well as tasting some old classics. Click through for more…

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Chinese takeaway with Delivery Hero – Lane Cove BBQ Kitchen


It’s Chinese New Year Eve, so celebrations and 恭喜发财 all round! I thought it would be appropriate to share some lovely Chinese food DS and I enjoyed curtesy of Delivery Hero. But you can have takeaway at home any day right? DS and I decided to mix it up by ordering the food to take with us to Moonlight Cinema in Centennial Park! Pretty sure we had the best picnic dinner going (okay maybe except for that couple with the giant sushi platter). Click through for more…

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Billy Kwong – Surry Hills, Sydney

IMG_3242My view on eating insects has been completely changed after this eating experience at Billy Kwong with L. I have never been an adventurous eater – things like deep fried starfish and goat’s testicles never really appealed to me… But Billy Kwong has changed me.

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